ZBI Developer

Complementing the printer’s resident Zebra Programming Language (ZPL®), the optional ZBI 2.0 programming language can be used to write programs that give Zebra printers the ability to convert non-ZPL data streams — such as label formats created for other-brand printers — into printed labels. That makes it easy to replace your old, non-Zebra printers with the superior features, performance and reliability of a new Zebra printer. Send, receive and print real-time data from peripheral devices, enterprise systems or PC-hosted databases. Create interactive front-panel prompts to build powerful stand-alone printing systems.


ZBI 2.0 applications can intercept and alter data sent to and from the printer:


Directly connect the printer to a bar code scanner, scale or keyboard.


 Convert proprietary data streams into printable labels. This makes it possible to replace non-Zebra printers with Zebra printers that provide superior features, performance and reliability — all without the expense of having to reprogram legacy label formats.


Operate the printer as a stand-alone station without the added expense of a PC.


Use the printer’s network interface to perform realtime database lookups and updates.


Program printers to display operator prompts based on captured data.


ZBI-Developer Makes ZBI 2.0 Coding Easy


This free-of-charge programming utility’s intuitive user interface provides a virtual ZBI 2.0 environment on your PC. It prompts programmers with pop-up help and plain-language messages, helping them to easily create and test complex ZBI 2.0 programs and distribute them to the printer.



ZBI Developer


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