Scanner Kitting/Pre-Config Deployment

Scanner Kitting/Pre-Config Deployment

Timeline: 7 days

Size: 5,000 units

Hardware: Zebra DS8178 scanner | Otterbox case and rail adapter


Project Overview:

With a timeline of 7 days, Arrowhead successfully assembled over 5,000 scanners with rail bracket and case for an iPod 6 generation. Configuration included flashing Zebra scanners with special firmware. Rail brackets were glued to back of zebra scanners. These units were distributed to over 18 countries worldwide. Arrowhead provided in-depth analytics for serialized units by quantity, country, and tracking information.



Arrowhead was contacted by the client searching for a way to bring their inventory control solution to life. An order was quoted, along with preparations for the timeline and what products were needed. Arrowhead worked with their partners, Otterbox and Zebra Technologies, to get over 5,000 items shipped to Arrowhead’s headquarters.

Weekly conference calls were set up between the project management team, the client and a representative from the manufacturer to ensure all parties were kept up to date leading up to the pre-configuration stage. This is where we go over the estimated timeline and the priority of ship-to locations if there is more than one destination; in this case, over 18 different locations.



With a 15,000 square foot warehouse, Arrowhead’s team began assembling the units. The rail adapters were adhered to the scanner surface and fitted with an Otterbox case. Unit were re-boxed into bundles and placed in larger boxes for shipment.




The serial numbers were scanned and split up by the quantity needed per location. These numbers were drafted into an excel sheet and categorized by quantity and country along with the tracking information. A daily update was sent to the client with what has shipped and what is estimated for the next day. We completed the order within the desired timeline and sent off all follow up information.

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