Timeline: 6 months

Size: 600 Units

Hardware: Zebra ZT420 Printers

Project Overview:

Given a schedule of 2 years, Arrowhead successfully configured 600 printers to the end user’s network as well as set individual settings for each printer, depending on their final location, all within 6 months time. Arrowhead provided in-depth analytics for serials, Bluetooth, network MAC and IP addresses, specific software and settings, final destination, and tracking information for each printer. All programming was done in-house and distributed nationwide.


This project rollout was scheduled to last 2 years but with the speed of Arrowhead’s technology department, we were able to finish the entire roll out within 6 months. The rollout was broken down into phases with each phase containing 10 locations for the printers to be shipped to across the United States. Arrowhead ordered and housed 30 printers at a time.


Arrowhead’s VP of Technical Development, Brent Grandil, created 4 customized solutions for the client, all to be applied to the printers based on the final destination. The client has multiple locations that require different settings and IP addresses for the printers based on the work being done at the locations.


The client received an updated spreadsheet with all of the phases, locations, quantities, media/label type, serials, Bluetooth, MAC and IP addresses, tracking number, and warranty date for each printer for each new phase throughout the rollout.

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