Pre-Configuration / Kitting

Pre-Configuration / Kitting

Arrowhead has the capacity of a 15,000 square foot warehouse and configuration center to program, provision, pre-configure & custom assemble different product types. In addition, Arrowhead provides detailed reporting and logistics for worldwide shipments.


As both a partner with over 15+ manufactures, Arrowhead can provide competitive pricing with certified technicians for device configuration & kitting.


Arrowhead has an in-house service team of Zebra Technologies for any repair and servicing issues, both software and hardware.





Arrowhead has expertise in both continuous rollouts as well as one time large-scale deployment. Arrowhead’s project team will work closely with you take the next steps in planning and preparation to ensure your satisfaction in the equipment produces and the timeline for completion.





Whether you need items configured or multiple units bundled into kits for deployment, Arrowhead has the capabilities to get the project done in your desired timeline and ship to multiple locations. This means:


  • Reduced shipping costs on bundled items
  • No need to store of all units in your facility
  • Hassle-free and ready to use equipment
  • Reduced installation time






Arrowhead has a team of programming experts for whatever your devices need. From firmware upgrades, software downloads or load your encrypted files straight to each device, Arrowhead can program and test each device to ensure your hassle-free satisfaction. Our technicians will get to work ensuring all equipment is configured to your exact specifications.


Kitting/ Bundles

Arrowhead supplies a number of solutions with matching hardware to fit your industry’s needs. Your solution will be pre-built and bundled with any accessories the devices call for. Have your own solution/ build instructions? Arrowhead will comply to all instructions and requests to produce your equipment to the highest performing standard.


Asset Tagging

From the preparation stage, Arrowhead will know how you want your items labeled and tagged to ensure the devices are compatible with your everyday company process. Arrowhead can label your items with your company logo, serial number, or any extra information you wish to add onto it.


Quality Control 

Your completed kitting and pre-configuration items pass through our quality control team to ensure each unit is working to the highest performing standard and is packaged properly to eliminate any risk they may encounter during shipment.


Analytics/ Logistics

After each shipment has left the warehouse, you will receive the completed reporting with Arrowheads standard logistics and any additional reports your company requests. The shipment report will have the quantity shipped to each location, all serials specific to that location and tracking information. Arrowhead specializes in multi-shipments as well as global shipments.


Have any questions? Check out our recent projects below or contact us today with any questions you might have on an upcoming project.


Timeline: 7 days

Size: 5,000 units

Hardware: Zebra scanners


Project Overview:

With a timeline of 7 days, Arrowhead successfully assembled over 5,000 scanners with rail bracket and case for an iPod 6 gen. Configuration included flashing Zebra scanners with special firmware. Rail brackets were glued to back of zebra scanners. These units were distributed to over 18 countries worldwide. Arrowhead provided in-depth analytics for serialized units by quantity, country, and tracking information.

Timeline: 5 days

Size: 800 units (continued rollout deployment of 7000+ printers)

Hardware: Zebra Printers


Project Overview:

With a timeline of 5 days, Arrowhead successfully configured 800 printers to the end user’s network and provisioned devices to connect to a Soti device management platform. Arrowhead provided in-depth analytics for serials units by quantity, country, and tracking information. All programming was done and housed in-house and distributed nationwide.