Healthcare Printer Pre-Config Rollout

Healthcare Printer Pre-Config Rollout

Timeline: 5 days

Size: 800 units (continued rollout deployment of 7000+ printers)

Hardware: Zebra ZD410 Wireless Printers


Project Overview:

With a timeline of 5 days, Arrowhead successfully configured 800 printers to the end user’s network and provisioned devices to connect to a SOTI device management platform. Arrowhead provided in-depth analytics for serials units by quantity, country, and tracking information. All programming was done and housed in-house and distributed nationwide.


This project rollout has been on-going since the start of 2017. Each rollout is for all hospitals in in that specific region, this order going out to the East Coast to over 12 locations. Arrowhead ordered and housed over 800 ZD410 printers and began the pre-configuration process.


Arrowhead’s VP of Technical Development, Brent Grandil, created a customized solution for the healthcare client to program over 100 printers at a time remotely by sending an encrypted file to our server. This eliminated the need for the all 800 printers to be programed in patient rooms and the need for an IT developer to travel to us.

Printers are connected to our server and the file is sent from the end user; all printers are flashed with the encrypted file. Printers are then scanned for the MAC addresses and serial number, then split up by ship to location.


The serial numbers and MAC addresses were sent to the client, as well as a spreadsheet categorized by quantity and ship-to location along with the tracking information. A daily update was sent to the client with what has shipped and what is estimated for the next day. We completed the order within the desired timeline and sent off all follow up information.

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