Arrowhead Corp - Barcode & Mobility Solutions | Pre-Configuration / Kitting
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Pre-Configuration / Kitting

Pre-Configuration / Kitting

Arrowhead has the capacity of a 15,000 square foot warehouse and configuration center to program, provision, pre-configure & custom assemble different product types. In addition, Arrowhead provides detailed reporting and logistics for worldwide shipments.


As both a partner with Zebra Technologies and Apple, Inc., Arrowhead can provide competitive pricing with certified technicians for device configuration & kitting.


Arrowhead has an in-house service team of Zebra Technologies for any repair and servicing issues, both software and hardware.




Timeline: 7 days

Size: 5,000 units

Hardware: Zebra scanners


Project Overview:

With a timeline of 7 days, Arrowhead successfully assembled over 5,000 scanners with rail bracket and case for an iPod 6 gen. Configuration included flashing Zebra scanners with special firmware. Rail brackets were glued to back of zebra scanners. These units were distributed to over 18 countries worldwide. Arrowhead provided in-depth analytics for serialized units by quantity, country, and tracking information.

Timeline: 5 days

Size: 800 units (continued rollout deployment of 7000+ printers)

Hardware: Zebra Printers


Project Overview:

With a timeline of 5 days, Arrowhead successfully configured 800 printers to the end user’s network and provisioned devices to connect to a Soti device management platform. Arrowhead provided in-depth analytics for serials units by quantity, country, and tracking information. All programming was done and housed in-house and distributed nationwide.