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Patient Metrics Tracking


Patient Metrics Tracking (Healthcare)

Web based application utilizing barcode scanning to provide detailed visual representation of patient wait time in a real time environment.

-Advanced Reports

-Real time paging

-Multi Location Support

-Barcode Scaner compatible

-Employee Logs

-Kiosk Mode

Key Features:

Purpose: Your medical practice is a business, and just like any business, you need to build, maintain, and cultivate your patient base in order to thrive. Tracking these metrics allows you to determine if current marketing and business outreach and development is as effective as the projections made. These metrics also allow you to reassess current service offerings and determine if you need to invest in other areas of expertise or bolster existing lines of business.


Volume Metrics


This data refers to the flow of patients to your facility. This includes:

  • Number of patients by department, by specialty
  • Time of appointment and length of visit
  • Tracking origin of and number of inbound referrals


Quality Metrics


This data relates to the effectiveness of your quality, safety, and access initiatives. It is the most extensive data-set that will be tracked on your dashboard. This includes:


  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Patient Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Post-Treatment metrics
    • Readmission rates for specific diseases (e.g. heart failure, pneumonia, etc.)
    • Clinical outcome rate statistics
    • Occurrence of hospital acquired infections
    • Clinical error ratios
    • Outpatient wait time




TC55 Mobile Computer


DS8100 Healthcare Barcoe Scanner


GK420t Healthcare Desktop Printer